Banking and Finance

Banking and finance sectors are increasingly dependent upon their data centers to ensure continuous high performance access to critical data systems. Huge efforts are undertaken to ensure reliability and system security is at the forefront of the design and outfitting of infrastructure systems. While significant time and effort is spent in designing robust power-train solutions, the rack PDU, despite being a critical component, is often overlooked.

Consider the trends. Continued growth in data systems and increased reliance on IT systems in every business operation for Banking and Finance. Continuous additions of new systems, faster networks, more storage, virtualization, and more. At the same time, increasing energy use along with higher energy costs and government restrictions on carbon emissions contribute to the strain on budgets and mindshare.

The choice of rack PDU can make a huge impact on reliable power delivery in the data center. As the average power demand per rack continues to climb, the need for higher density rack PDUs and higher temperature rated PDUs to withstand the higher data center hot aisle temperatures increases. All Enlogic PDUs are rated to at least 55°C. The advanced power metering in the Enlogic PDU works like a brain, actively monitoring each of the high-temperature, branch rated magnetic circuit breakers and even the upstream branch circuit breaker to warn of potential problems before they occur. A hot-swappable network intelligence module improves system reliability by allowing downtime free maintenance. Finally, daisy-chain communication between rack PDUs reduces network connectivity costs for more efficient capital planning.

EN2000 Series - Outlet Level Switching


Remote outlet on/off switching for power-up sequencing, remote power cycling, and outlet use management combined with real-time metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization.

EN6000 Series - Outlet Level Metering and Switching

EN6281_FRONT_2xComprehensive management solution including all features of the EN2000 combined with Individual outlet power and energy metering.