DNA: Dual Network Access

Enlogic’s (patent pending) DNA allows for visibility of real-time, vital statistics and operating information on two separate, secure networks.

DNA in Colocation Environments

Enlogic DNA is a valuable resource in a colocation data center environment when used with a redundant power delivery design including two rack PDUs for each IT rack.

Using DNA, the service provider (landlord) and the tenant maintain separate, secure access to a PDU using separate IP addresses and networks, so there is no overlapping.

DNA mode creates a dual entry point for vital PDU information. Each of the two rack PDUs are connected using separate data communications bus to allows each of the PDUs to share data directly.

Each PDU acts like both a master PDU (to report data to the connected remote network) and a slave PDU (to communicate directly to the other rack PDU).

DNA eliminates the need for costly upstream monitoring devices, and provides both networks identical billing-grade power and environmental data for SLA confirmations and reduced discrepancies between parties.

DNA in Facilities Management

In environments using two (2) separate management systems, Enlogic DNA is an effective solution that allows for two (2) network access points, for both Facilities Management (FM) and IT Operations.

In some cases, FM cannot access vital PDU statistics, such as load balance and CB status at the rack level, because they do not have permissions to access the private IT network. FM must gather data from separate, upstream sources, which is costly. This can also lead to varied data if the accuracy percentage of the upstream source differs from that of the PDU.

With Enlogic DNA, FM and IT can maintain separate, private networks while simultaneously accessing PDU information with billing-grade accuracy and precision.

By providing Facility Managers access to data at circuit breaker level, data centers can reduce the risk of accidental overloads and loss of power during routine maintenance.

The Problem: Single Network Access

Two Separate Networks to Share Vital Data Directly at PDU Level

In the current situation, the PDUs are connected directly to the Tenant or IT Ops private network. Landlord or FM cannot access this network, and must rely on power data from additional, upstream monitoring devices. This is costly, and can lead to critical errors due to insufficient upstream reporting.


The Enlogic Solution: Dual Network Access

Two Separate Networks to Share Vital Data Directly at PDU Level

Using Enlogic DNA, the landlord and tenant maintain two separate private networks that do not overlap. Enlogic DNA works using a redundant power delivery design (i.e., two rack PDUs for each IT rack). Each PDU is separately connected to the Tenant or Landlord’s private communications network. The two PDUs are connected with a data communications bus to allow PDUs to share user-defined information. Each PDU acts like a master PDU to report PDU data to both networks.


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