Enlogic Hot-Swap

Enlogic Hot Swap is Standard on All Models


With emerging technology and precision engineering, Enlogic offers solutions to data center problems that no other provider can

  • Enlogic’s truly Hot Swappable Network Management Card allows for a quick, safe, and easy update or replacement.
  • Dual Network Access (DNA) is Enlogic’s patented technology which allows for remote PDU access on two separate networks.
  • The slimmest profile, premium hy-mag circuit breakers, and high temperature rated in even the most extreme conditions with billing grade accuracy.

With Enlogic’s commitment to continuous improvement, they work with data centers across the world to increase operational efficiency and enhance energy use. Learn more about how Enlogic can help your data center save time, money, and energy today.

With space in the data center at a premium, Enlogic’s entire range of PDU are the slimmest in the world – up to 42mm slimmer than its closest competitor – at just 50mm.

Premium Hydraulic Circuit Breakers

The Enlogic PDU delivers the industry’s slimmest premium hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers – unaffected by heat and allow equipment to run up to the highest temperatures without tripping.

Color Coded Locking IEC Outlets

Enlogic’s range of Dual Locking Power Cords help to mitigate against the risk of accidental downtime, available in Black Gray and Blue to allow for easy color coding between cord and outlet.

Enlogic Hot Swap (NMC)

Replace an NMC while PDU power stays on with no server downtime and maintain storage of critical energy information.

Environmental Monitoring

Run up to 6 plug and play sensors direct from the PDU (single IP address), without the need for additional hardware.

DNA: Dual Network Access

Enlogic’s patent pending DNA allows access to real-time, vital operating information on two separate networks.

The Enlogic Advantages

  • World’s Slimmest Profile
  • Premium Hydraulic Circuit Breakers
  • Color Coded Locking IEC Outlets
  • DNA: Dual Network Access
  • Full Power and Energy Metering
  • Environmental Monitoring

Enlogic’s Market Leading Features

Contact Information

Enlogic – North America
St. Louis, MO USA
636 821 5225

Enlogic – Europe
Worcester, UK
+44 1905 401700

Enlogic – Australia
Melbourne, Australia
+61 39 9997 303
M: +61 45 791 3450

Enlogic – Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
+852 9228 5759

Enlogic – China
Shanghai, China
+86 21 3461 2525