IT Cabinets

Enhancing our intelligent PDU solution portfolio, Enlogic brings to market IT Cabinet Solutions with in-rack cable management and optional airflow containment systems.

Enlogic IT Cabinets are optimized to meet all data center IT equipment needs. Fully customizable according to size, color or accessories the Enlogic IT Cabinet paired with our innovative intelligent PDU allows Enlogic to continue our market leadership in energy management.

Standard Cabinet Size Configurations and Features

  • Protective earth grounding between components.
  • Removeable door hinge system allows for easy door removal for equipment access.
  • Door perforation options of up to 85%.
  • Quick adjustable leveling feet.
  • Removable roof panel with power and
    network cable access slots.
  • Adjustable tool-less mounting channels for easy PDU & cable management integration.
  • Split side-panels for easy installation and access.
  • Heavy duty casters allow for 1500kg (3300 lbf) static load and 1200kg (2650 lbf) dynamic load.
  • Integrated baying mounts and included brackets.

 Nominal Width Options (inches)

  • 600mm = 24″
  • 750mm = 30″
  • 800mm = 32″

 Nominal Depth Options (inches)

  • 1070mm = 42″
  • 1200mm = 48″
Size Height Width Depth Part #
42U 1990mm

(78.40 in)

600mm 1070mm ER42.600.1070
1200mm ER42.600.1200
750mm 1070mm ER42.750.1070
1200mm ER42.750.1200
800mm 1070mm ER42.800.1070
1200mm ER42.800.1200
48U 2258mm

(88.90 in)

600mm 1070mm ER48.600.1070
1200mm ER48.600.1200
750mm 1070mm ER48.750.1070
1200mm ER48.750.1200
800mm 1070mm ER48.800.1070
1200mm ER48.800.1200
52U 2436mm

(95.90 in)

600mm 1070mm ER52.600.1070
1200mm ER52.600.1200
750mm 1070mm ER52.750.1070
1200mm ER52.750.1200
800mm 1070mm ER52.800.1070
1200mm ER52.800.1200

Contact Information

Enlogic – North America
St. Louis, MO USA
636 821 5225

Enlogic – Europe
Worcester, UK
+44 1905 401700

Enlogic – Australia
Melbourne, Australia
+61 39 9997 303
M: +61 45 791 3450

Enlogic – Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
+852 9228 5759

Enlogic – China
Shanghai, China
+86 21 3461 2525


Cable Management Systems

  • In-rack cable management accessories
  • Rack-to-rack power and network troughs

Airflow Containment Systems

  • Hot/Cold aisle containment
  • “Chimney” – vertical exhaust kits
  • Blanking panels
  • Brush strip pass throughs

Customized Colors & Badging

  • Overall rack coloring
  • 2-tone door options
  • Customized logo badges

Pre-wired Environmental & Security Components

  • Temperature & Humidity door sensors
  • Door open/close status sensors
  • HID security door handle solutions
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units
  • Door combination locks