Leading Innovation

Enlogic intelligent PDUs are engineered to simplify management of your rack environment.

Externally, the visually identifiable features have simply obvious benefits to improve usability within your rack environment. Low profile design improves space and reduces interference. Color-coding, a large visibility display, and locking outlets helps technicians to avoid errors during installation and maintenance. The field rewireable input cord and adjustable toolless mounting system allows easy adjustment for ideal fit and clean installation.

Internally, the PDU is designed for reliability in the extreme temperature conditions found in data center hot aisles. High quality components and hot swappable management module improve system reliability and life, while premium best-practice wiring construction techniques minimize energy loss and reduce heat. The high accuracy metering and control circuitry is all packaged in a low-profile, space saving chassis. The core network management design allows users to remotely manage the PDU and freely integrate data communications into existing software management platforms.

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