Remote Office

Remote offices present unique challenges to IT Managers. Most often, these IT environments are awkwardly carved out of existing office space or even closets which were never designed for the requirements of IT and telecom equipment. Lack of local IT personnel means that small power or environmental changes can quickly escalate to substantial business problems and extended downtime.

Enlogic provides the perfect rack power and environmental management solution for remote office and network closet applications. Working like a brain within the rack, Enlogic’s intelligent PDUs provide comprehensive real-time power data, and environmental monitoring and alarms, which are critical for advance warning of even the smallest potential problems before they spin out of control. Local convenience outlets on many Enlogic PDUs allow for easy power connectivity for the wide variety of equipment found in small offices applications

Not having expert local people on the ground at a remote office presents additional risks and challenges which are easily solved with a small but vital piece of equipment – the intelligent PDU. Outlet-level power-switching allows remotely located personnel to manage – access and perform hard rebooting of locked equipment when necessary without the risks of using untrained local personnel. A large selection of single phase EN2000 series (outlet switched) and EN6000 series (outlet metered, outlet switched) PDU products permits easy connection to the rack-mounted UPS.

EN2000 Series - Outlet Level Switching


Remote outlet on/off switching for power-up sequencing, remote power cycling, and outlet use management combined with real-time metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization.

EN6000 Series - Outlet Level Metering and Switching

EN6281_FRONT_2xComprehensive management solution including all features of the EN2000 combined with Individual outlet power and energy metering.