Whether you’re looking to unlock your existing hardware computing capacity or looking to add more flexibility and redundancy, you’re likely to be considering or already implementing hardware virtualization in your data center. While you’ve unlocked extra computing capacity, suddenly your previously stable rack level power loads and temperature profiles are fluctuating greatly with time. Welcome to the new energy demand and cooling challenges associated with virtualization.

Consider that the power load is directly proportional to the IT computing load; i.e. as you add more computing load onto your existing or new servers, the amount of power required by that server increases. When virtualization is implemented in existing data centers, the total rack level power demand increases and becomes more variable as the total IT load fluctuates more greatly. You need an intelligent product to handle this highly volatile ecosystem, capable of thinking and working like a brain on your behalf, providing:


  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring of each potential circuit overload point, both within the rack PDU and in the upstream branch feed circuit breaker
  • Advanced real-time power monitoring of the calculate rack-level capacity as you add virtualized servers
  • Rack level environmental temperature monitoring to guide cooling system improvements, ensure safe operating conditions and safeguard IT equipment reliability
  • Outlet color coding to reduce potential human errors in balancing power connectivity to individual branch circuits within the Rack PDU
  • Rack PDUs engineered to provide safe and reliable operation at the higher exhaust temperatures resulting from increased rack-level power density
  • Outlet level energy and power measurements allow for the highest level 3 PUE calculations, while providing the data to validate and justify efficiency gains of virtualization and equipment enhancements
  • Outlet level on/off switching permits users to implement policy controls, reduce human error in connecting new IT loads, and reduce “phantom” energy consumption for idle equipment

EN5000 Series - Outlet Level Metering


EN5263_FRONT_2xIndividual outlet power and energy metering combined with all features of the EN1000 Series PDU.

EN6000 Series - Outlet Level Metering and Switching

EN6281_FRONT_2xComprehensive management solution including all features of the EN2000 combined with Individual outlet power and energy metering.