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Enlogic was founded in 2011 by a group of former APC technology executives dedicated to providing innovative solutions that better address growing data center energy and environmental monitoring and management needs. With our commitment to continuous improvement, Enlogic has quickly become widely regarded as the technology innovation leader in energy management, helping data centers across the world to discover waste, improve operational efficiency, and optimize energy utilization.

In December 2015, Enlogic was acquired by CIS Global, a US based company with a proud history dating back to its beginning in 1955.  CIS specializes in electro-mechanical products and solutions for the computer data center and consumer electronics industries.  CIS has established itself as a high quality, precision engineered solution provider for OEM customers with over 40 years’ experience servicing customers on a global scale with company-owned manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Today, CIS employs more than 600 personnel globally with more than 100 R&D staff across its innovation centers in Raleigh, St. Louis, Taiwan, Singapore and Shanghai.  Enlogic customer support staff are strategically located in North America, Europe, China, and the Asia-Pacific Region.  Today, Enlogic operates as a division of CIS.  The CIS management team and engineering staff continue to prove themselves as the best and brightest in the industry, building upon extensive careers working for blue chip employers such as ABB, APC, BT, Emerson Network, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, Invensys, Nokia, Siemens, Pentair, Schneider Electric, and the US Department of Energy, among others.

Today, Enlogic innovations form the core technology used in both Enlogic branded products and customized OEM branded solutions.  The large commitment to R&D investment continues to position Enlogic technology as the industry benchmark for ease-of-use and advanced functionality in the critical management of power distribution in Datacenters world wide.


Our partners are a valuable part of our team and business, helping us serve 23 countries world-wide.

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