Spot Leak Sensor

Spot fluid sensor monitors a remote location for the presence of any liquid with resistivity of less than 2M Ohms per cm (including distilled water) and transfers the data to the control center.

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Physical Characteristics

  • Number of Cords per Package: 1

Power Input

  • Acceptable Input Voltage: n/a

Environmental Characteristics

  • Temperature Range, Operating: -5 to 60°C
  • Humidity Range, Operating: 5-95% RH, n-condensing
  • Maximum Elevation, Operating: 0-3,000 m
  • Storage Temperature Range: -25 to 65°C
  • Storage Humidity Range: 5-95% RH, n-condensing
  • Storage Maximum Elevation: 0-15,000 m

Compliance Approvals

  • UL Mark: No
  • EMC: No
  • Environmental: ROHS, Contains No SVHCs


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