• Dual Network Access

    Enlogic’s new technology allows for secure access of PDU vital statistics
    on 2 separate, private networks.

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  • Is PUE killing your competitive edge?

    A PUE calculation is useful, but its not the magic metric.

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  • Higher T = Lower €

    ASHRAE recommends average inlet temperatures as high as 27°C. Meanwhile, an increase of just 1-degree can save 4-5% of total energy costs.

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BT IT Systems future-proofs data centre assets with world’s first upgradeable PDU

In a world first, BT IT Systems is future-proofing its data centre assets with the industry’s first upgradeable PDU, the Enlogic EnPowered PDU. Recognising the current market split between the need for either intelligent or basic PDUs, alongside the barriers to technology procurement, Enlogic has developed and delivered the EnPowered PDU to give customers the best of both worlds – a highly engineered basic PDU with multiple benefits, which also allows customers to purchase a network management card (NMC) at a later date, to upgrade the PDU’s intelligence level.

This means that when a customer like BT IT Systems chooses to upgrade from basic, the initial purchase doesn’t become a ‘sunk cost’ for the business as Enlogic can simply install the ‘brain’ of the PDU – the NMC – in a couple of simple clicks, avoiding downtime and any lengthy change management or procurement processes. As no other direct competitors provide this ‘EnPowered’ ability on the market, this is a valuable asset for all businesses

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  • Fuses or Breakers:
    Beyond the last line of defense
    Data centres. They are the backbone of the internet. And without them the vast majority of businesses simply wouldn’t exist. But how much does a modern data centre cost to build and run? The truth is that the total cost of building one is almost impossible to pin down. Even tougher is working out how much they cost to run. --More--