Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS architecture is growing in popularity for the advantages in seamlessly integrating the unified network fabric with enterprise-class blade servers. The physical size of the Cisco blade chassis allows for as many as 6 blade chassis (5U each) to fit within a standard data center rack along with the appropriate fabric interconnect appliances. This architecture creates additional load balancing, power connectivity, temperature and physical fit constraints not found in typical rack applications. The Cisco 5100 Series Chassis requires substantial physical access space in the back of the rack for hot-swappable components including the network fabric extenders and fan modules that remove from the backplane of the chassis. Enlogic’s ultra-low profile designs maximize the space available for these critical UCS components. Increasing data center energy costs have pushed Cisco to extend the allowable inlet cold air temperature spec up to 35°C (95°F) to reduce cooling costs. As a result, the hot air exhaust temperatures in the rack can easily reach 50°C, the typical ambient environment of the rack PDU. Enlogic ensures the safety and reliability of the rack PDU by engineering all PDUs for operation in at least 55°C environments (EN1000 models are rated to 60°C). Finally, the power configuration of the UCS is such that each chassis requires 2 input connections from each power source. In 3-phase applications, this can easily result in unbalanced and near embedded circuit breaker ratings. Enlogic’s color coded outlets reduce human connectivity mistakes while the advanced power metering actively monitors each of the high-temperature, branch rated magnetic circuit breakers within the rack PDU and even the upstream branch circuit breaker to warn of potential problems before they occur. A hot-swappable network intelligence module improves system reliability further by allowing downtime free maintenance.



Metered PDU
Three-phase 32A input with (30)C13 & (12)C19 outlets



Comprehensive management solution including all features of the EN2000 combined with Individual outlet power and energy metering.



Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU
3-ph L15-30P, 208V, 30A, (18)C13 & (6)C19



Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU
3-ph, 208V, 50A, (18)C13 & (6)C19