Whether you’re a provider or a tenant, you require absolutely reliable and safe power distribution. But, you’re also looking to better manage power capacity and rack level energy consumption completely and accurately, and you can achieve this with an intelligent product that does much of the thinking for you.

If you’re a colocation provider, here are a few key benefits of all of Enlogic’s intelligent PDUs:

  • High accuracy, billing grade energy metering for tenant energy use chargeback
  • Comprehensive real-time power and environmental monitoring & alarms to help attain tenant SLA requirements
  • Hot-swappable network intelligence module and high temperature rating (55°C ) reduce the risk of costly downtime and unplanned maintenance
  • A large variety of outlet types and full portfolio of all product feature types across all power inputs allow you to offer tenants a full suite of PDU options with consistent reporting
  • User defined roles allow communication access levels to restrict different users to limited PDU data and settings
  • Inline Energy Meters add accurate metering to existing basic rack PDUs or stand-alone equipment

If you’re a colocation tenant, Enlogic’s intelligent PDUs offer:

  • Accurate energy metering data needed to validate energy billing from your provider
  • Comprehensive real time power and environmental monitoring can provide real-time alarms and event logs to validate SLAs and provide peace of mind for your remotely located data and applications
  • Metering data needed to maximize the utilization of your rented space
  • A large variety of rack PDU configurations allow you flexibility to install
  • EN2000 and EN6000 series outlet on/off switching allows remotely located personnel to manage access and perform hard rebooting of locked equipment.

EN2000 Series - Outlet Level Switching


Remote outlet on/off switching for power-up sequencing, remote power cycling, and outlet use management combined with real-time metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization.

EN6000 Series - Outlet Level Metering and Switching

EN6281_FRONT_2xComprehensive management solution including all features of the EN2000 combined with Individual outlet power and energy metering.