High Density

High density rack environments present several unique management challenges. Regardless of whether your application includes blades, core switches, or other power-hungry gear, you’re probably dealing with too little space, too much heat, and difficult power connectivity within your rack. You need a PDU that not only reads and reports through active energy metering and monitoring but helps track those incremental changes that might lead to environmental disaster. Designed to work like a brain, Enlogic’s intelligent rack PDUs have been engineered to specifically address these challenges:


  • Ultra-low profile designs save space and improve access to critical hot-swap server components within the rack
  • Premium components and construction methods permit operation in high density environments to at least 55°C
  • Advanced real-time monitoring of each potential circuit overload point, both within the rack PDU and in the upstream branch feed circuit breaker
  • Hydraulic-magnetic type circuit breakers provide stable characteristics and reliable branch-rated protection at all operational temperatures
  • Billing-grade power and watt-hour energy metering (+/- 1%) allows for accurate capacity management, energy billing, and efficiency monitoring
  • Embedded environmental monitoring permits up to six sensors to be connected and managed by the rack PDU for comprehensive environmental monitoring
  • Field re-wireable power cord allows user to adjust the input power connection for further space savings and clean fit-out



Metered PDU
3-ph L15-30P, 208V, 30A, (36)C13 & (6)C19



Outlet Metered PDU
1-Ph, 208V, 30A, (20)C13 & (4)C19



Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU
3-ph, 208V, 50A, (18)C13 & (6)C19