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Enlogic is CIS Global’s brand name for datacenter power products and accessories. Enlogic was originally founded in 2011 by former APC technology executives and was acquired and integrated into CIS Global in 2015.

With CIS Global’s commitment to continuous improvement, the Enlogic brand has quickly become widely regarded as the technology innovation leader in energy management, helping data centers across the world to discover waste, improve operational efficiency, and optimize energy utilization. Today, CIS Global’s commitment to R&D drives innovations that form the core technology used in both Enlogic-branded as well as customized OEM-branded solutions. With engineering and service footprint in Asia, North America, and Europe and modern manufacturing facilities in Asia, CIS can support the local needs of our global customers.


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Our Products

Advanced rack-mounted power products for your datacenter

We make Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Energy Meters, Environmental Sensors, and Security Access Controls for datacenters. With global certification standards and global support, we can solve your needs anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Rack Pous

Intelligent Rack Pous

Safe, efficient power distribution down to outlet-level switching and metering, our iPDUs help our customers manage costs and increase uptime through advanced prognostics.

Basic PDUs

Basic PDUs

Simple to install and use, our basic PDUs incorporate premium construction for low power loss and use high temperature components to maximize reliability. All with affordability in mind…

Energy Meters

Energy Meters

Real-time input circuit level monitoring solution for adding network monitoring to basic PDUs or standalone equipment



Simplify environmental (temperature, humidity, leak, smoke, access control) management with Enlogic plug and play sensors and door handles.

Our Advantages


Enlogic has delivered the most advanced and reliable rack power products since 2012.

We WIN by offering innovation, speed, and flexibility to our customers.



Through Active Technology Roadmaps and Open Innovation, we develop smart solutions to problems that face our customers.


Speed in design, speed in manufacturing, speed in decision-making.


Willingness to customize, willingness to offer small quantities, no bureaucracy.

Start Something Great Today!